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Best-in-industry ServiceNow Customer Service Management Module Services

Take charge of your customer service, reduce service cost, minimize redundant tasks and enhance customer loyalty with our top-notch ServiceNow CSM module services.

    Provide Quick Resolutions and Enhance Customer Loyalty with Our ServiceNow CSM Module Services

    At GammaStack, we understand how several organizations constantly encounter challenges while rendering efficient customer services. These later transform into low CSAT scores, increased cost, loss of revenue and customer dissatisfaction. Hence by harnessing the power of the ServiceNow customer service management module, we help you boost your efficiency by enabling you to track activities, automating redundant tasks, increasing your connectivity and product quality by delivering top-notch ServiceNow CSM services.

    Key ServiceNow CSM Module Applications We Focus On

    We cover and provide first-rate services in diverse ServiceNow customer service management applications that help you streamline your tasks, enhance productivity and automate redundant processes


    ꧑ Enhance the productivity of your agents by rendering them tools that help in facilitating and speeding up resolutions, help them identify major as well as minor issues based on impact and frequency, provide them greater visibility with the live activity feed and close cases quickly.

    Customer Service Management Mobile App

    📖 Manage cases from your fingertips with customer service management mobile apps. Easily access all the necessary and crucial information and stay connected 24/7 with your customers.

    Case and Knowledge Management

    🦩 Track activities, SLAs and case status, enhance productivity, improve your business decisions and manage all your customer interactions effectively with case and knowledge management.

    Customer Data Management

    ✨ Equip your agents with accounts view, contracts view, entitlement view etc. Collect, manage and conduct effective analysis of your customer’s data with customer data management and render personalised, unique and real-time customer experiences.


    🌊 Quickly identify the similarities and patterns between open cases, minimize manual errors, get your hands on real-time insights with connected analytics and artificial intelligence and enjoy top-notch data security.

    Visual Task Assignment

    𒈔 Transform the way you treat and see your work by visualising your processes via an interactive drag-and-drop interface. Get all the insights about the loopholes in real time and stay updated with the help of embedded activity stream.


    ♋ Now render consistent user experience across your enterprise with Omni-channel. Simplify your processes, facilitate seamless conversations, minimize complexities and shortcomings of multichannel services and delight your users.


    𓄧 Harness the power of the public as well as internal surveys to collect data and publish results. Leverage the power of survey designer, mobile and user-friendly interface, real-time dashboards, survey administration and so much more to make better decisions for your business.

    Visual Workflow and Automation

    💛 With the help of visual workflow and automation, transform your complex tasks and processes with codeless flows that minimize the room for manual work and errors. Create reusable components and create and harness the power of the natural language environment with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

    Reports and Dashboards

    ♌ Get your hands on advanced reporting functionality and centralise your data with reports and dashboards. Get access to 200+ predefined reports which help you visualise your data effectively. Generate, save, publish, share or export diverse reports types such as charts, scores, maps, lists etc.


    𒀰 Reduce technician time, minimize phone calls and manual work, provide assistance 24/7 and reduce cost with self-service. Leverage the power of knowledge management, service portal, and service catalog and enhance customer and employee satisfaction by eliminating gaps.

    Performance Analytics

    ♐ Answer questions quickly and improve the overall decision making process by getting access to real-time data with performance analytics. In addition to this, predict outcomes by comparing as well as analysing your employees and help them prioritize while enjoying the top-notch data security of cloud.

    Virtual Agent

    🤡 Leverage the power of chatbots, render personalized experience to each customer as well as employee and provide 24/7 support with virtual agents. In addition to this, enjoy increased productivity, minimized workload and expand as well as enhance the productivity of your enterprise.

    Operations Management

    🅠 Get all the information about the disruptions, conduct effective and thorough analysis, create event rules to boost productivity and enhance experience by visualising performance by finding CIs with similar issues.

    Field Service Management

    🎐 Eliminate business disruptions, enjoy the connectivity of office to the field and empower your technicians with mobile apps. Effortlessly manage field operations such as vehicle tracking, inventory management, appointment booking and so much more.

    Financial Modeling

    ♔ Lower your financial risks, gain greater visibility to expenses, measure the performance of your enterprise, conduct better assessments and create better budgets with financial modeling.


    🌺 Achieve greater visibility and get your hands on diverse features like forums, self-registration, notifications and subscriptions, events, activity feeds, analytics and many more. Maintain your community with access control, integrate channels and enhance engagement with rankings, badges, and points.

    Project Portfolio Management

    𝔍 Speed up your work, improve resource allocation and align all of your efforts and resources with your business strategy with project portfolio management.

    Service Management for Issue Resolution

    🧸 Get the benefits of ITIL-proven practices and minimize disruptions and their impact on your organization. Speed up root cause resolution, effectively analyze performance configurations as well as trends and accelerate service restoration with service management.

    Continual Improvement Management

    ಌ Automatically track and initiate improvements in service across your enterprise, connect enhancements with your business strategy and improve your decisions-making process with continual improvement management.

    Proactive Customer Service Operations

    ꦐ Take charge of your operations and keep your customers notified 24/7, render quick resolutions and minimize call volume with proactive customer service operations.

    Our Top-notch ServiceNow CSM Services That Help You Make the Most of ServiceNow Platform

    At GammaStack, we provide excellent ServiceNow customer service management module services for all your needs. From consulting to development, from migration to integration, we’ve got you covered. Choose from our diverse services to accelerate your processes and to streamline your business effectively
    ServiceNow CSM Consulting

    ServiceNow CSM Consulting

    ♕One of the most common challenges enterprises face is the challenge of getting started and gathering information about ServiceNow. If you are one of these enterprises or if you have a product with which you are encountering speed-bumps and roadblocks, we are here to help you with our best-in-industry ServiceNow CSM consulting services. We help you identify the key problem areas and by suggesting and creating solutions as well as workflows that help you succeed.

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    ServiceNow CSM Customization

    ꦿIf you have an application or platform that requires further customisation as per your business’s needs or expansion, we provide finest customization services that help you make the most of your platform. We also render customisation processes that align your platform or application with your business’s operations, identity and branding, regulations etc.

    ServiceNow CSM Migration

    ServiceNow CSM Migration

    ✃We at GammaStack help you accelerate and achieve digital modernisation by providing you excellent migration services. We help you identify the problem areas in your legacy systems and we provide solutions that help you fix these areas effectively. In addition to this, we engage in researching and proposing diverse ways to fix the issues and challenges and help you pick the one that best suits your enterprise’s needs.

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    ServiceNow CSM Integration

    ༒We help you make the most out of ServiceNow CSM module by enabling you to connect your ServiceNow solutions and platforms with diverse applications, systems, platforms and products. Our teams of developers and integration specialists help you achieve your desired integrations with systems like SAP, Zendesk, Jira, Solarwinds, NetSuite and many more.

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    Custom ServiceNow CSM Application Development

    𝄹Now support and enhance your business by harnessing the power of ServiceNow customer service management application development. We help you simplify the process and deliver first-rate applications by ensuring the quality at every stage of development. Coupling this service with our integration services, we help you make the most out of developed solutions.

    ServiceNow CSM Testing

    ServiceNow CSM Testing

    ♌Equipped with a team of seasoned ServiceNow QA testers with years of experience and expertise, we render best-in-industry ServiceNow customer service management module testing services to make sure your platforms and applications work seamlessly, without any glitches or bugs after deployment.

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    ServiceNow CSM Training

    ❀At GammaStack, we understand that using and adapting to new technologies can be challenging for enterprises and employees. Hence, in order to help you leverage your newly developed platforms, we provide top-notch ServiceNow customer service management module training to our customers.

    ServiceNow CSM Support

    ServiceNow CSM Support

    🌱We don’t leave you after the deployment of platforms and solutions. For your every major and minor query, we are here. We provide 24/7 support to our enterprises and our team of highly skilled professionals strive to resolve all of your queries in the given time frame.

    How GammaStack Provides First-rate ServiceNow CSM module Services

    We at GammaStack believe in keeping things simple. Hence we have designed our process in such a way that helps you stay informed about your project at every stage of development. From research to deployment, we keep you in the loop to facilitate effective communication.

    1. Research

    𒆙This is the stage where we get to know you and gather all the information about your organisation, your requirements and ideas. At GammaStack, our teams spend plenty of time to research and explore multiple options before coming up with a road map.

    2. Planning

    🐟The second stage is planning. This is where we convert all the research work into a blue-print and create strategies for the effective development of the platform. We define scope, divide teams and define roles and duties, assign work and create deadlines to ensure you stay informed about the complete process before we get started.

    3. Coordinate

    𓆏After we get the approval on the blue-print, we start working on your big idea. Our teams of diverse ServiceNow professionals coordinate with each other and with you to keep you informed about the stages of development at all times to avoid surprises in the end.

    4. Deliver

    ꦛAfter the development process concludes, our teams of highly skilled QA testers take over and test the developed solution thoroughly before it goes live. At GammaStack, we ensure the solutions that go live are completely bug-free and our testers test each and every possibility before we make the delivery.

    5. 24/7 Support

    ཧWe not only create and render best-in-industry solutions and platforms, but we also provide best-in-industry support. Our ServiceNow support team ensures all your queries are resolved within a given time frame so that you can make the most of your platform without any frets and hassle.

    We Implement Best Practices to Help You Leverage the Benefits of ServiceNow CSM Module

    By harnessing the power of ServiceNow CSM module and its applications, we provide unmatched services that help your business climb ladders and achieve new heights. Some of the benefits of our services are

    Enhanced Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

    ♛ According to the research, 80% enterprises think they deliver best-in-industry customer services but reality differs. Only 8% of customers think that enterprises are delivering standard customer services. When a customer receives unsatisfactory customer service, it often results in the customer turning to another enterprise for better solutions. But with GammaStack’s ServiceNow CSM module services, you can render top-notch services to your customers as well as employees which increases satisfaction, your CSAT scores and loyalty.

    Faster Resolutions

    ꦫ More and more customers and enterprise employees rely on self-service instead of explaining the same issue over and over again to multiple representatives. With the GammaStack’s customer service management module services which include next-gen chat-bots, templates and frameworks, you can effectively render faster resolutions to your customers.

    Lowered-cost resources

    𒉰 We help you minimize manual errors, eliminate redundant tasks, create reusable workflows and processes, minimize your phone calls and eliminate business disruptions by harnessing the power of ServiceNow and deliver best-in-industry solutions which help you lower your cost and expenses without any frets.

    Better Service Quality

    👍 We provide solutions and platforms which help you deliver industry standard services to your employees and customers. We help you enhance your connectivity and achieve greater visibility to the problem areas which help you minimize roadblocks and bottlenecks that keep you from providing finest services to your customers and employees.

    Automated workflows

    🌳 We help you eliminate tasks that take up most of the time of your representatives and employees. With our ServiceNow CSM module services, we help you identify and rectify common issues between open cases, simply your processes, reduce manual work and technician time by automating complex as well as simple workflows.

    Super-charged Efficiency

    ♓ We at GammaStack help you maximize your business’s efficiency by rendering top-notch ServiceNow CSM module services that help you reduce manual work and errors, enhance connectivity, facilitate seamless conversations, achieve greater visibility to problem areas and so much more.

    Choose from Diverse Packages that Best Suit Your Business’s Needs



    Agent Workspace
    Case and Major Issue Management
    Visual Workflow and Automation
    Field Service Management
    Service Management for Issue Resolution
    Customer Service Management Mobile App
    Customer Data Management
    Visual Task Assignment
    Reports and Dashboards

    Agent Workspace
    Case and Major Issue Management
    Visual Workflow and Automation
    Field Service Management
    Service Management for Issue Resolution
    Customer Service Management Mobile App
    Customer Data Management
    Visual Task Assignment
    Reports and Dashboards
    Proactive Customer Service Operations
    Predictive Intelligence
    Performance Analytics
    Virtual Agent
    Continual Improvement Management

    30+ ServiceNow Developers


    ServiceNow Developers

    100+ Custom Applications


    Custom Applications

    35+ Satisfied Clients Worldwide


    Satisfied Clients Worldwide

    8+ Years OF Experience


    Years OF Experience

    Top-notch ServiceNow Professionals
    Numerous Successful Integrations

    Why GammaStack?

    100+ Custom Applications
    Expertise in Diverse CSM module apps
    Want top-notch ServiceNow CSM module services? Then GammaStack is the ideal pick. With a team of highly skilled and seasoned ServiceNow professionals, we render first-rate ServiceNow CSM services. We cover all the applications of the CSM module and provide diverse services that help you achieve your enterprise goals. From development to quality assurance, from integration to migration, we ensure you get the best — in one place. In addition to this, we also provide enterprise employee training and 24/7 support to accelerate your digital transformation.

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    What is ServiceNow’s customer service management module?

    💮The ServiceNow customer service management module or ServiceNow CSM helps businesses deliver better customer services and hence helps them with elevating their CSAT scores and reduce cost.

    What are the benefits of the ServiceNow CSM module?

    🉐ServiceNow CSM offers several benefits few of which include enhanced customer and employee engagement, automation of operational processes and redundant requests, better and personalized customer services, better solution offerings, reduced service cost, better connectivity, and improved reporting and analysis.

    What is ServiceNow agent workspace for csm?

    ⛄Agent workspace provides all the crucial features necessary for providing effective customer services in one place. Agent workspace is ideal for all the customer service executives/agents who handle multiple inbound mails, chat requests or inquiries via calls. One of the major benefits of agent workspace is the ease of access which helps in enhancing the productivity of the agents.

    What is the difference between ServiceNow CSM and ServiceNow ITSM?

    𓂃There is a significant amount of difference between ITSM and CSM. ITSM is ideal for change management, incident management, service management, knowledge management, and asset management. Whereas CSM is ideal for the operations that circle customer services and for delivering better and personalized customer services. It helps you rectify issues, recognize redundant patterns as well as common issues and hence helps you improve the productivity of your agents.

    What are the features of a ServiceNow customer service management module?

    🌸The CSM module comes equipped with several features such as incident management, virtual agents such as chatbots, knowledge management, service portals, automated task assignments, visual task boards, event management, operational intelligence, discovery, etc.

    How does CRM differs from CSM?

    🧸CRM stands for customer relationship management, the purpose of which is to help businesses manage and organize information of its customers. This helps marketing and sales teams when it comes to keeping track of the qualified leads and new as well as existing customers. CRMs help businesses manage contacts, emails, leads, interactions, and reporting. Whereas CSM is focused on customer engagement and customer success. It’s focused on delivering more personalized, optimized and better experiences while automating tasks, identifying loopholes, rectifying issues and reducing cost.

    Is there a mobile app for the CSM module?

    🐠Yes, ServiceNow provides a mobile app that goes by the name “Now Mobile App”. It's a feature-loaded application that enables users to keep track of multiple requests, approvals, tasks, documents and so much more from their fingertips.

    Can CSM be integrated with incident management?

    💧Yes, and it comes with loads of benefits as well. The integration allows agents to create cases, add and remove incidents from a case and also add notes regarding the changes in the state.


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      ღThere is no doubt that GammaStack boasts a team of highly skilled ServiceNow developers. We were looking to hire Servicenow Developers and we got in touch with GammaStack. The application they have provided is not only user-friendly but also highly functional. Highly recommended!

       by Abigail Long, New Zealand
      Date: 2020/02/26

      ꦦWe hired GammaStack for ServiceNow CSM services and application development. We are extremely happy with the final result. The CSM application was delivered in the given time-frame and the communication was consistent throughout the ServiceNow development process. Thank you GammaStack for a highly functional ServiceNow application. 

       by Oliver Bennett, Canada
      Date: 2020/02/25

      💦We were looking for ServiceNow developers for custom application development and we decided to go with GammaStack. We must say that we were highly impressed by their professionalism and expertise and we’ll certainly recommend them to everyone who is looking for skilled ServiceNow developers. 

       by Drake Johnson, Norway
      Date: 2020/02/24

      🌟GammaStack’s ServiceNow developers are flexible, great team players and super easy to work with. Despite the different timezone, they kept the communication seamless and delivered the application as per instructions and requirements. They also provided us a complete blueprint before getting started and executed everything as per the plan. Highly impressive!

       by Dylan Turner, Netherlands
      Date: 2020/02/12

      𝓰We have worked with GammaStack several times before and they not only always meet but exceed our expectations. Their professionals are extremely skilled and they always deliver way before deadlines. Their work ethics and professionalism are highly commendable. Will certainly work with these guys again.

       by Hudson Clark, Germany
      Date: 2020/02/11

      𓃲GammaStack’s ServiceNow customer service management suite services have helped us automate our processes and eliminate most of the manual work. In addition to this, they have also helped us with various applications and APIs. Their teams are highly professional and we would certainly recommend them to anyone looking for ServiceNow CSM module services. 

       by Maverick Hayes, Canada
      Date: 2020/02/11
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       6 reviews
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