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Online Lottery Platform Development

Online Lottery Platform

Key Highlights of Our Lottery Platform Development Services

Multiple Lottery Formats
Mega Million, Euro Millions, Powerball, etc lottery formats from all across the world are supported in our software.
For management of different retail operations on our online lottery platform, RMS or retail management system is supported by our platform.
To conveniently manage lottery draws in different lottery games on our platform, DMS or draw management system is enabled in our platform.
Certified RNG
The lottery platform developed by us comes with a certified RNG that enables you to host fair lottery events.
Back Office
Back office helps in tackling important operations efficiently in our online lottery platform.
POS/Kiosk Systems
Handling retail lottery operations with POS/Kiosk systems can be done efficiently through our retail lottery software solutions.
Easy Cash in & Cash Out
Convenient cash in and cash out processes can be done on our online lottery platform.
Player KYC
Player KYC in our lottery platform ensures safe and responsible gaming on the platform.
Lottery Management System
Management of lottery games gets easy through the lottery management system.
Multiple Lottery Pools/Contests
The lottery platform development services we render support various lottery pools and contests for maximum participation.
Ticket Management System
Multiple players purchase tickets and get them through email, SMS, etc and the entire process is handled through the ticket management system.
The lottery platform we deliver complies with various legal requirements seamlessly for smooth business operations.
Keep your customers informed about their activities, gameplays, transactions, and much more with our comprehensive analytics reports.
Customised Payment Systems
Now declare winners, inform your customers about withdrawals and deposits and so much more with our customised payment systems.
Wallet Systems
Now allow your users to make payments in a snap with our integrated wallet systems.
Player Management Systems
Monitor player activities and manage accounts seamlessly with our player management systems.
Agent Management Systems
Now manage your agents, stay updated about their activities and facilitate business operations seamlessly with our agent management systems.
Multilingual Support
Eliminate language barriers effortlessly with our lottery platforms that support several different languages.
Ticket Printing
Now your customers can choose and print out lottery tickets or receive it through SMS or email.
Secure Payment Systems
We integrate multiple payment systems that enable your customers to facilitate seamless transactions.
Custom Website Skins
Now alter the look and feel of your website as per your branding guidelines seamlessly with our custom website skins.
Push Notifications
Keep your customers informed about upcoming events, matches, updates, and much more with our real-time push notifications.

Upsides of Opting for Our Lottery Platform Development Services


Full Ownership

🐎Get fully owned online lottery software solutions with complete ownership of IP(intellectual property).


User-friendly Interfaces

🐟The designs we provide comply with modern design rules and are also highly intuitive for a seamless experience.


Mobile Responsive Solutions

The lottery software platforms we provide are supported across various


Low/No GGR Share

🎃Our low/no GGR or revenue share policy distinguishes us from others in the industry.


Custom Lottery Games

🤡Custom lottery games can be built and integrated by our team in the lottery platform.


Cryptocurrency Support

🐠All the major cryptocurrencies are supported on our cutting-edge online lottery platform.


Marketing Guidance

🅠Ensure the success of your lottery platform by getting equipped with our marketing guidance.


Thrilling Games

ℱEnhance the thrill and skyrocket excitement with the thrilling games that come with our online lottery platform.

Custom Games Covered by Our Lottery Platform

Pick !
Match 6
Pick 3
Pick 2
Lotto Games
Pick 4
Mystery Box
Pick 5

We can Integrate Famous Lotteries from All Over the Globe in your Lottery Software

Set for Life
Mega Milliom
Fantasy 5
Lotto America
649 Lotto
Mega Bucks
Thunderball Lotto
Super Enalotto
OZ Lotto
Power Ball
Euro Jackpot
Australia Lotto
Cash For Life
Daily Lotto
Bono Lotto
Lotto Ireland
New York Lotto
UK Lotto
Lotto 6-49
France Loto
Euro Millions

Brownie Points of our Online Lottery Platform

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Best-in-class Online Lottery Platform Development Services

Empower your business by leveraging our best-in-industry lottery platform development services that are aimed to arm you with state-of-the-art online lottery softwareꦕ solutions. The services we provide render you all the essential tools and features that are crucial for effective management, enhanced engagement, increased participation as well as boosting your business’s profits. Get armed with our cutting-edge lottery software solutions built by our lottery platform developers and start driving success.

How We Build Future-proof Lottery Software Solutions

Idea Elicitation
Planning & Wireframing
Project Planning
Global Lottery Formats Integration
Lottery Platform Design
 Lottery Games Integration
Lottery Games Integration
Lottery Platform Development
Lottery Platform Development
Quality Assurance
Rigorous Testing
24/7 Technical Support
24/7 Technical Support
Maintenance Services
Maintenance Services
Unique Designs
Modern Features
State-of-the-art Lottery Platform
10+ Years of iGaming Experience

GammaStack is a trusted and leading lottery platform provider that has enabled businesses of varying sizes around the globe to reach new milestones. In our 8+ years of rich experience in the iGaming industry, we have delivered high-performing lottery software solutions𓃲 to various startups, established organizations as well as small businesses. The solutions developed by our teams of visionary designers and skilled developers not only adhere to industry standards but also meet the needs of your customers. Want to know more about our lottery products and services? Contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is your online lottery platform customisable?

ꩲYes, our online lottery platform is fully customisable.

2. Are crypto wallets present in your online lottery platform?

♒Yes, crypto wallets are present in our online lottery platform.

3. Can you offer a readymade online lottery platform?

🧔Yes, we can offer a readymade online lottery platform.

4. Is the RNG system supported in your online lottery platform?

𓂃Yes, the RNG system is supported in our online lottery platform for ensuring game fairness.

5. Can tailor-made online lottery games be included in your online lottery platform?

ไYes, tailor-made online lottery games can be included in our online lottery platform.

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    I am very excited with the result by GammaStack in developing the online lottery platform. The developed lottery games are interesting and support major lottery pools/contests. Their lottery solutions for retail are whole and user-friendly. From our requirements, the delivery and final project were smooth. Highly recommended!

     by Ludmilla Bischoff, Germany
    Date: 2024/05/24

    GammaStack's lottery platform development was just the solution we wanted. The seamless integration of multiple payment methods is a real convenience for all users. Great support of the major lottery pools or contests has been a great way to broaden engagement. Flawless execution, rich features, and outstanding service quite surprised me. Highly recommended.

     by Shelby Conner, USA
    Date: 2024/05/15

    Our cutting-edge online lottery software provides a gaming experience that is unrivaled. The abundance of games and the careful attention to detail in the online lottery platform's creation make every experience one to remember.

     by Horace Jones, Germany
    Date: 2024/05/06

    GammaStack gave us feature-rich solutions and developed a framework for developing lottery platforms. They gave us the platform to reach the audience that we had always wanted. Team, thank you for your assistance in answering our business inquiries.

     by William Glenn, Germany
    Date: 2024/04/24

    𝓰GammaStack's online lottery platform development services have been instrumental in our company's remarkable success. We heartily urge other businesses to partner with GammaStack to benefit from the team's excellent solutions.

     by Matt Lucas, UK
    Date: 2024/04/15

    🔥GammaStack offered us lottery platform development services that were rich in features. They gave us the audience platform that we had always wanted. Team, we appreciate your cooperation in answering our business-related questions.

     by Joe Andrews, UK
    Date: 2024/04/03

    Thanks to GammaStack's online lottery platform development services, our company has had tremendous success. We strongly recommend GammaStack to other companies so they can take advantage of the team's top-notch solutions.

     by Alice Roberts, UK
    Date: 2024/03/22

    𓄧We received excellent support from GammaStack, who also developed a lottery gaming platform. We value the fantastic platform you have provided for us. We conveyed our gratitude to the team for answering our questions regarding the business.

     by Thomas Dowson, UK
    Date: 2024/03/14

    𝔉We have innovative online lottery software that offers an unmatched thrill when playing. Every session is unforgettable because of the wealth of games and the meticulous attention to detail in the construction of the online lottery platform.

     by Alice Smith, France
    Date: 2024/02/26

    ﷺGammaStack provided us with an outstanding online lottery platform that has many features and attracts a significant number of customers to our business. First, GammaStack is our top priority for online lottery development. Greetings, team.

     by David Morris, Canada
    Date: 2024/02/14

    🎶GammaStack provided us with great solutions and built a platform for lottery games. We appreciate you providing us with such a great platform. We thanked the crew for responding to our inquiries about company.

     by Thomas Jones, UK
    Date: 2024/01/31

    ꦑGammaStack created a framework for lottery platform development and provided us with feature-rich solutions. They provided us with the audience platform we had always desired. We appreciate your help in responding to our business queries, team.

     by John Glenn, Germany
    Date: 2024/01/16

    ☂GammaStack provided us with a feature-rich lottery platform development services. They provided us with the audience platform we had always desired. Team, thank you for your cooperation in responding to our business queries.

     by Joe Walter, UK
    Date: 2024/01/05

    ౠUsing GammaStack's online lottery platform development services, our organization has had tremendous success. We strongly advise other companies to choose GammaStack to take advantage of the team's top-notch solutions.

     by James Andrews, UK
    Date: 2023/12/19

    ꧅GammaStack's lottery platform development services bring in a tonne of profits for our company. We have always wanted a top-notch platform for our business and GammaStack fulfilled our expectations appropriately.

     by Joseph Berry, USA
    Date: 2023/12/08
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     15 reviews
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