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Gain trust of your players by obtaining gambling
license of your chosen jurisdiction

Do you have plans to improve the credibility of your gaming business and gain the trust of your players for your gaming business? Then you must count on GammaStack for getting precise and professional assistance in obtaining your gambling license in an easy and step-wise manner. We are known in the industry for our professionalism and dedication to serve our clients with high quality work.
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Well-known gaming licenses for various jurisdictions

Maltese MGA license icon

Due to the initial cost as well as complexity, the✅ Maltese MGA license cannot prove to be one of the most convenient options for startups but it can prove to be a good option for the businesses having aspirations of operating within the EU or European Union. As it is aligned with the regulatory framework of the European Union, it ensures that it is adhered to responsible gaming standards, financial integrity, player protection, etc.

Curacao gambling license icon

If you are an entrepreneur and have plans to start your gambling business then you must get a gambling license to make your gambling business reliable and trusted by the playe꧅rꦗs. If you are confused about the process of getting a Curacao gambling license which is one of the most popular and business friendly jurisdictions for obtaining a gambling license, then you must take the assistance and guidance from the experts at GammaStack. .

Kahnawake gambling license icon

Kahnawake gambling license is a perfect choice for an aspiring entrepreneur who has plans to venture in the gambling industry. Being a popular gaming license, Kahnawake gambling license offers multiple benefits such as fast approval process, affordable appl📖ication fees, simplified application, etc.

Anjouan gaming license icon

If we compare different online gambling jurisdictions, Anjouan offers a 🐼pleth🔥ora of advantages for startups. If you possess an online gaming venture then you must consider Anjouan license as a perfect choice for your business. Multiple benefits are offered by the Anjouan license which includes but is not limited to start-up friendliness, cost-effective choice, affordability, etc.


Benefits of selecting us for your assistance in
getting an online gambling license


Documentations assistance

We help you and guide you for gatheri♏ng the requisite documentations for obtaining a gamb🀅ling license.


Backed by an expert team

We are backed by a team of 350+ experts w💦ith st♎rong industry expertise thus we can help you for different needs of your iGaming business.


Awareness about industry trends

Being in the industry for more than 12 years has enabled us to offer𓂃 you knowledge of the trend𒈔s in the industry.


Step by step license acquisition plan

We create a step by step
license acquisition plan for you to obtain
gambling license for your
gambling business.


Jurisdictional Compliances Knowledge

O🃏ur team of experienced individuals have strong knowledge of different jurisdictional compliances and can thus guide you in obtaining your gambling license.


Perfect support and guidance

GammaStack’s team of industry experts ensures to provide you perfect support and guidance throughout your journey of ob🅷taining a gambling license.


Strong expertise in multiple iGaming verticals

We have experience as well as expertise in multiple iGaming verticals such as online casino, sports betting, ca♛sino game development, sweepstakes casino, online Poker, etc.

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Gambling license requirements

“How to get a gambling license” is one of the most common queries which arise in the minds of aspiring entrepreneurs of gambling industry. There are different documentation requirements to obtain a gaming license in different jurisdictions but a basic set of documents required for licensing process include:-
Basic requirements to get a gaming license
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Get GammaStack’s assistance in obtaining your gambling license

Understanding the markets of operation

We take an understandin🌃g of the market of operation of the client.

Ass🐈isting in preparation of the requisite paperwork

We assist our clients and guide them🤪 in preparing th🔴e necessary paperwork for the process of getting a gambling license.

Stepwise plan for license acquisition

We create a stepwise plan for l🔯ℱicense acquisition and discuss it with our clients.

Obtain your gambling licen♐se a🌼nd commence your gambling business legally

By following 🌠a proper process of obtaining a gambling license in a stepwise manne♛r, you can get a gambling license for your business.

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More than 12 years of industry expertise
Team of industry experts
On-time support and responses
Have happy clients all over the world
Are you facing difficulty in managing and completing the licensing process for your gambling business? We will not let the hassles of inadequate knowledge of the gambling industry norms and paperwork hamper your path. Our team at GammaStack can guide as well as assist you in a flawless and smooth manner to obtain your gambling license. Connect with us and talk to our expertise for quick assistance.

Frequently asked questions

1. Which are some of the most popular types of gambling licenses? Some of the popular gambling licenses include

Kahnawake gambling ꩵlicense, Curacao ꦛgambling license, Anjouan gambling license, Maltese MGA license, etc.

2. What will be the online gambling license cost?

Cost proves to be a key factor which is considered while planning to obtain a gambling license and choose the one which suits your needs. E🔴ach jurisdiction has its own cost of gambling license and you must chooܫse the one which fits your budget and business needs.

3. What are the major points of difference between the Curacao license and the Maltese gambling license?

Ther𒆙e are certain differences between the Maltese MGA license and the Curacao license. The Maltese gambling license has st🌜rict quality standards and oversight which lacks in the Curacao license. The Curacao license is recognised for being accessible and affordable.

4. What are the basic set of requirements to get a gambling license?

The basic set of documents which are needed for getting a gambling license include company registration, corporate documents, bank account confirmඣation, documents of all employees tha🐎t include passport copies and no criminal records, software and hardware certifications, marketing and financial plan, etc.

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